Getting my Dell C1765nf to work on Debian


I'm only looking to get the printer part working. I have set up the scanning part to scan to an CIFS drive on the printer itself. I used to use the fax capability, but nowadays everybody just accepts scanned PDFs via email, so that feature is not of importance.

The printer is a relabeled Xerox 6000B, but Xerox only provides 32bit i386 binaries and my system is now amd64. This doesn't bode well for a future setup.

Installing the printer driver binaries

After installing CUPS, the magic printer driver is

apt install printer-driver-foo2zjs

Configure it for the network

Location:   192.168.1.xx
Device-URI: socket://192.168.1.xx:9100
Model:      Dell C1765 Foomatic/foo2hbpl2 (recommended)

Using that printer driver, I get feedback on the toner fill and can print in color.

Configure the printer on the computer

Enter the printer settings

Set color mode from "monochrome" to "color"

I had to reset the number of pages per sheet from 9 to 1. Most likely this was a manual misclick by me first.

Print a test page

Just to be sure, print a test page. For me, the printed configuration text reads:

Media Limits: 0.12 x 0.17 to 8.14 x 11.53 inches
Job ID: Xerox-Phaser-6000B-33
Driver Version: 1.1
Description: Dell 1675nfw
Printer Location: 192.168.1.xx
Make and Model: Dell C1765 Foomatic/foo2hbpl2 (recommended)
Printer: Xerox-Phaser-6000B