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This is my telnet client for ChatZilla!. It adds the /telnet command to the ChatZilla client.


Only some, as no big features are there yet.


The installation of it is pretty simple:

  1. Locate in your profile the chatzilla/scripts/ directory and create a directory telnet in it.
  2. Download the current version of init.js and save it in the telnet directory.
  3. Restart your browser or manually load the script through the /load command.

Now you have the /telnet command in the ChatZilla! client.


The abstract usage is:

/telnet hostname [portnumber]
where the hostname is the name of the machine you want to connect to and the portnumber is the number of the TCP port to connect to, or 23 (the default telnet port) if unspecified.

Example: Connect to the PerlMonks chat gateway:


Example: Open a telnet connection/shell window to your local machine (Unix-like machines only):

/telnet localhost

Example: View the source code of this page in your irc client:

/telnet 80
GET /js/chatzilla/telnet/index.html

This example is, of course, silly.

Bugs & Features