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I've just released Folder Icons for Win32. This program allows you to assign an individual icon to any folder on your system. It has a quite intuitive user interface and even the possibility to change the icon of any folder with a simple right-click on the folder. Folder Icons works under both, Windows 95/98 and Windows NT 4; I did not yet have the time to try it under Windows 2000, but it should work there as well. FolderIcons does only work if you have IE 4 or higher with Active Desktop installed. If you have any questions, please read the Documentation before emailing me.

Downloads (159 k)

Links to icon people

Here I keep links to pages with icons. Many of these pages contain icons in the Macintosh resource format. These files need to be converted into Windows .ico files by a program. I have written such a program but it is not yet ready for a public release. Bug me about this program :). You can also ask the authors of these sites to provide icons in the Windows format, but as most of them only possess a Macintosh, it will be quite difficult to provide you with the icons in that format.