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eConsole source snapshotSat Jul 8 12:37:14 2000
I've put a snapshot of the eConsole source code online, as the old source code didn't reflect much of eConsole's current state anymore.
So for all people interested, the source is available here. There is no license on the source code, except that credit should be given where credit is due.
eConsole 1.0i virus alertWed Mar 1 19:33:04 2000
As many of you have been alerting me during the last week, at least one Mcaffee virus scanner does give an alert that the current distribution of eConsole is "infected" with the APStrojan.ob.pak.gen trojan. I will never guarantee that any version of eConsole is virus free in any way, but past experience shows that no virus has yet managed to infect my system. Looking at the description of the APStrojan program, it shows that this program is indeed a trojan horse, that is, a program which seems to do one thing, but secretly does another. The APStrojan is not a virus. It does not infect other programs. Thus I am relatively sure that eConsole is not infected by this program. Further investigation revealed in at least one case, that updating the data files of the virus scanner program removed the alert given for eConsole. While scanning software downloaded from the internet is a good practice, please make sure that your antivirus software has the most recent data files available before alerting me to the fact that eConsole might be infected.
On another side, I was alerted to the fact that the current distribution of eConsole does not include the documentation. This is now fixed and the current .zip file was updated.
eConsole 1.0i releasedSat Feb 19 12:27:02 2000
While searching the source code for a memory leak, I experimented a bit with the image loading and found that all code dealing with the decoding of certain JPeG images had the same problems, so eConsole is using nviewlib by K. Nishita again. If a picture that you have in the JPeG format won't load from time to time, try converting it into the BMP format and using the converted file instead.
On the visual side, eConsole now has more features for the background color used for transparency. The Tint color is now also used to select the color which will be used for the non-transparent pixels in the background. A scanline pattern for 50% transparency has also been added. eConsole now uses the executable compressor UPX which results in a .EXE size that is half the normal size. Please report any problems with that:-).
eConsole 1.0h2 releasedSat Jan 8 16:49:37 2000
Just a quick fix release - the Autohide feature can now be enabled and disabled through the menu. You find the updated version in the download section.
eConsole 1.0h releasedThu Dec 2 21:27:54 1999
I see a pattern here. I am even more busy with my studies, have some unpaid work before me, and yet (or maybe because I'm trying to get away from all this) I've managed to listen to the pressing problems with version 1.0g and have released eConsole version 1.0h, which has the long awaited options Dockable and Autohide. Also the eConsole hotkey can now be configured through some modification of the .ini file. eConsole v1.0h is in the usual location.
eConsole 1.0g releasedSun Oct 10 23:10:54 1999
Even though I'm even busier with my studies than the last time, I've finally managed to get a release out of the door. eConsole now has a dockable mode and can drop down in a Quake-Console style, when you press the magic key combination WINDOWS-C. On the Win9x front, maybe you can see a speed up, but I don't hold my breath for that.
There might be a release 1.0h soon, because I have the feeling that the docking behaviour might need some smoothing, but I feel it is better to get out a release better sooner than later. eConsole v1.0g is in the usual location.
My website was updatedTue Jul 13 19:17:07 1999

I've now put up a homepage for my second (public released) toy, Folder Icons for Windows. In the course of doing the homepage for it, the eConsole website also got moved down in the hierarchy, but there is still a index.html file at the old URL which will point people to the right page.

I'm currently looking at ways to implement a Quake-style drop-down variant of eConsole and I already have some ideas on how to implement this, but I won't promise anything anytime soon ...

eConsole mailing listA long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away ...
The eConsole mailing list is online. I chose, they append ads to the messages, but I think that this is OK since their service is otherwise free. I've used them on another occasion and didn't receive spam, so I guess that they don't sell your email adresses.
To subscribe simply send mail to
You can also read the archives on the web under
I hope that this will ease the information transfer somewhat :-)

eConsole 1.0f releasedEven before that (is that Episode I then ?)
I'm quite busy with my studies these times - but I managed to work a little time on eConsole v1.0f and you can download it. I'm also working on the mailing list, but I haven't yet decided on the list server, so you'll have to stay tuned to this site :-).
While I was updating, I found some (two) other programs that might be of interest to people using eConsole, so I've put up a page with programs that might or might not be of some interest to you - go to the programs page.
On the aniMate front, reception has been great, so I will definetly develop it further (with Furby being such a success over there, that's no wonder I guess) - but I didn't find time to either upgrade aniMate nor to put it on its own website ... Have patience :-)

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