Movies I did watch


While staying at home this weekend, I caught up with some movies that I was made aware of via JWZ:

Bullet Train

Bullet Train Movie Poster

Amusing action thriller, with acceptable fight scenes. It's somewhat over the top, but that's to be expected for a movie set on a train, in Japan, where each role gets their own intro.

The movie could have been 15 to 30 minutes shorter but still is entertaining enough.

Day Shift

Bullet Train Movie Poster

Story-wise, it's standard vampire hunter fare, but it has some great callbacks to rap songs of the 90's and 2000. Even though Body Count's in the House may have been a bit too much on the nose. I guess 90's rap counts now as oldies.

Jwz lauded the stunts as "the stunt director was a Jackie Chan fan", but while I can't deny that this is true, the (stunt) director also didn't have the budget and patience of Jackie Chan to make the stunts as good as Jackie Chans fights. Obviously, this is a Netflix production, but still entertaining enough.