CPAN Reviews

Parse::Win32Registry 0.41

Read values from the Windows Registry even if you're (currently) not running Windows

reviewed by Corion, on 2009-07-20 17:51:16

Module::Util 1.07

Convert between module names and file names and find the first or all installed modules

reviewed by Corion, on 2009-07-14 19:35:19

Win32::FileNotify 0.2

Watch for changes to a single file instead of watching for changes in a complete tree

reviewed by Corion, on 2009-07-11 22:53:41

Template 2.21

Extensive Toolkit for template processing

The most powerful all-around templating language, if you need templates for more than (X)HTML

reviewed by Corion, on 2009-07-09 15:50:18

Coro 5.151

Run Perl code under cooperative parallel execution

reviewed by Corion, on 2009-07-08 15:38:24

V 0.13

This module provides quick information about where your Perl finds a module

reviewed by Corion, on 2009-07-07 15:38:24

Algorithm::Diff 1.1902

Diff (also Longest Common Subsequence)

Easily build a difference listing of texts or other data structures

reviewed by Corion, on 2009-05-15 22:23:07

CPAN::Mini 0.576

Maintain your own local minimal mirror of CPAN

reviewed by Corion, on 2009-05-07 17:11:38

Text::Table 1.114

Organize Data in Tables

Printing ASCII tables made easy with many options to customize the column formats

reviewed by Corion, on 2009-05-06 16:56:43

Spreadsheet::WriteExcel 2.25

Write cross-platform Excel binary file.

If you need to create files in Excel format (95 up to 2003), this module writes your data.

reviewed by Corion, on 2009-05-02 18:04:31

HTTP::Request::AsCGI 0.5

Setup a CGI enviroment from a HTTP::Request

Run CGI code without setting up a CGI environment

reviewed by Corion, on 2009-04-27 16:27:55

Archive::Zip 1.26

Provides an interface to ZIP archive files

Convenient handling of Zip archives - extraction of files and creation from directory trees

reviewed by Corion, on 2009-04-24 20:05:10

Regexp::Assemble 0.34

Combine patterns into single pattern

Create optimized regular expressions from a list of strings.

reviewed by Corion, on 2009-04-13 19:50:45

Term::ShellUI 0.86

A really painless way to create an interactive, readline-enabled shell.

reviewed by Corion, on 2009-03-23 19:02:40

Getopt::Long 2.37

Advanced handling of command line options

Parse long and short command line options in a convenient way.

reviewed by Corion, on 2009-03-21 11:58:55

Text::CSV_XS 0.62

Fast 8bit clean version of Text::CSV

A good module to parse arbitrary CSV, possibly with embedded newlines or quoted fields

reviewed by Corion, on 2009-03-13 17:00:49

Net::IMAP::Client 0.92

Convenient access to IMAP mailboxes.

reviewed by Corion, on 2009-03-08 18:54:21

Geo::IP 1.36

Look up country by IP Address

Whenever you want to relate an IP address to a country or region, use this module.

reviewed by Corion, on 2009-03-07 08:48:43

File::MMagic 1.27

This module helps you find out the MIME type of a file

reviewed by Corion, on 2009-03-05 22:03:00

Module::Pluggable 3.8

Easily find and load plugins for your module

reviewed by Corion, on 2009-03-04 16:54:12