Alien::SpiderMonkey - Automated installation of JavaScript::SpiderMonkey


There is no synopsis. All of the magic happens within Makefile.PL.


Alien::SpiderMonkey is my first try at making the installation of JavaScript::SpiderMonkey automated. The installation of JavaScript::SpiderMonkey is hard, because it relies on an external library, the SpiderMonkey Javascript libary from The Makefile.PL downloads that library and checks that it builds. Then it downloads Javascript::SpiderMonkey and defers the build process to it.


The build and download process is very stupid and simple minded. There is no checking whether there already is a suitable version of SpiderMonkey installed somewhere on your system, or any elaborate downloading scheme. Currently, the installation even requires a live network connection to determine what the most recent version of SpiderMonkey is.


Currently, at least under Win32, the Spidermonkey DLL js32.dll is copied into the directory where your Perl executable resides. This is ugly, but makes the subsequent testing of JavaScript::SpiderMonkey easier. Fixes for that ugly behaviour are very welcome.

Bug reports are welcome, but please include all relevant information and try to include a fix as well. This is alpha software.


Returns the filename of the latest version of the SpiderMonkey library, as found on the mirror.

download_spidermonkey [FILENAME]

Downloads file FILENAME or the latest version into the local file jslib.tar.gz. The host and path used are stored in $JS_LIB_URL.

build_spidermonkey DIR

Builds the SpiderMonkey library.


Downloads the module JavaScript::SpiderMonkey from CPAN.